Applied Design Brief

It has come to a new semester in university and we have been given a new brief under the unit of Applied Design. We have been set a live brief from a client in… Continue reading

Evaluation on Reaching Hand Interactivity

Throughout my whole processing journey I had used the design iteration method of implementing a concept using the cycle of analysis, design and testing repeatedly to see what was working and what wasn’t giving… Continue reading

User Testing and Feedback

      After testing it in the foyer I had a few bugs of trying to fix the minor problems of the display size as well as trying to get the camera… Continue reading

Testing In the Public Space Technical Problems

Before I was able to test my project within the public space of the foyer, I needed to first understand the surrounding of it giving me a basic understanding of where my project… Continue reading

The Hand and Eye Photoshop

Once I was happy with my prototype I wanted to create the actual hand with an eye blending in the center of the palm to show the representation of the viewer as the… Continue reading

Camera Side Tracking in Processing Test

 By using the PROFILEFACE CASCADE I had tested to see if the tracking worked for basic movement of the head turning from the front looking directly at the camera making sure the detection… Continue reading

Cascade Built In Tracking In Processing

Once I already tested how the face tracking works within my previous post I wanted to let the tracking work for the side part of the face as I feel this is the… Continue reading

Testing Face Detection

As I looked into the face detection of processing I wanted to experiment if it worked with the face tracking for myself in which I found within the open CV library of processing… Continue reading

Processing Using Face Detection

After coming to the basic understanding of how the camera works within processing, I came across a library that manage to detect the face through tracking its movements that are primarily triggered through… Continue reading

Initiating the Camera in Processing

Carrying on from my last post discussing about the open CV library, I wanted to learn how the camera worked within processing allowing me to get to know the basics within the software.… Continue reading