what is identity?

Identity can be a fixed term from either describing someone or simply an object, this can differ from many platforms within the categories of:

  • Specification Of A Person – identity change, documents, theft, personal information
  • Group Expression – Religion and Communities
  • Sexuality/Gender Orientation – How people identify there own sexuality as life progresses
  • Social Science – individuality, personal identity, social identity and cultural identity.

identity is a form of representation and how we as the audience receive the message in the given text of media.

By the term ‘Media Text’ I mean all media products, this can scatter from books, films, television, internet, people, objects, CDs, Music, Websites….you get the idea. In short anything that engages with an audience.

The question is what is my identity?

The answer to that is I have many identities, which go from personal to social and even online.