Bristol Zoo – Concept and Ideation

Within the first week of our semester we were set a brief within the ‘Concept and Ideation’ unit of our course. Our task was to introduce and develop a new digital experience for our client which was Bristol Zoo.

By  getting put into groups of 5-6 we were than asked to use the current footages and archives of Bristol Zoo’s so that we could enhance both the historical and originality of the company.

we moved on to talking about the target audience but as we came to a decision within my group of it being a family zoo then we came to the solution of making it something that helped both adults and kids enjoy the time at the zoo.

Within the group discussion we were able to come up with the idea of QR codes to be placed all over the zoo for extra information depending on the current destination within the zoo. Also there was another idea of creating a 3D/4D cinema which allowed both the adults and children to interact with as well as engage with the information given on screen but then we realised that this has not really gone beyond what we could actually do, so then we decided we wanted to build a experience based on the interactivity and immersion based within the planetarium concepts within a dome.

Through the dome we wanted to display different scenarios of the wildlife chosen by the user, which then led to the ideas of having realistic sound recordings and surround sound of animals to give the atmosphere of the target audience to feel the realism of being in the jungle/artic/ocean giving more information and experience at the same time. This would be done by having an interactive floor screen within the dome.

This then came to a decision that this would be the idea of our concept for Bristol Zoo as the experience of others would travel to other peers creating the ‘word of mouth’ technique to bring more customers to visit the zoo. hopefully our idea becomes successful in the near future.