Fire Kills – Concept and Ideation


We were set another brief within our ‘Concept and Ideation’ unit. The aim of this was set to improve ‘Fire-awareness’ using the slogan of ‘Fire kills’.

Within this brief we had to make sure we delivered a design to effectively communicate six key learning objectives of the fire kills initiative, this included:

  1. Plan your escape root
  2. Have a plan B
  3. Keep objects out the way of doors
  4. Close internal doors
  5. Get out, Stay out !
  6. Keep your Keys in your hand

Like my last brief of Bristol Zoo, we were set into groups to develop and discuss ideas between each other to enhance our task further. We came across the idea of mixing both visuals with information so we got to the conclusion of allowing an infographic. which gives of both images and text in a designed manor to engage the audience. However we wanted to make this interactive by making it digital through moving images on screens.


We discussed this further by giving locations of where this inforgraphic could be placed and from here we wanted to place it where people would be bored and waiting such as transport as well as shop windows. This gave us the inspiration of placing it in bus stops as this is a very boring place which could be turned around into something that could help them in future and be aware of as well as interact with passing time. Making you gain more information while waiting passing the seriousness of hazards of fire into the consumers thought at the same time.