My HomePage

My Home page, with this layout I wanted to show the simplicity but information approach to my design so people could see how I design and think as well as distribute the content. Also I wanted to come across the form of having easy accessible information that allows the viewer what is what in my website. In this layout I wanted to let my website come across dynamic by using a 5 image section of how I process my work from the preparation stage to the results of the end product by using 5 silhouettes with information coming out when scrolled over.


But then I came up with an idea of using the responsive design idea of using the Macbook, iMac, iPad and iPhone to distinguish a digital approach to my website. And I wanted to place this just above the 5 element images to show a image visionary of information instead of reading a chunk of text getting rid of all the boring information but instead let the images speak for themselves.