Technology Convergence – Media Independent Techniques

Media independent techniques are translated into algorithms that have been interpreted into particular data types. These form from searchability, findability and linkability (Manovich, 2013)

A further technique could be soundability; the ability to change the level of the sound on all devices from a push of a Volume +/- button. With this concept people are able to change the sound levels of videos and images giving a perspective of the quality of the sound when played. This can change as it determines the distance of the consumer to the device that plays the sound especially when you consider the location the sound is distributed. for example, people in there own bedroom would play devices on a moderate level while doing day to day tasks whereas a club would distribute sound in a high volume so everyone can enjoy the effect. With this, digital media devices such as televisions, computers, phones, radios, tablets and online video browsers such as youtube, vimeo and many more have access to a volume control button to suit the users preferences on their current location. without the control of sound suiters could either have hazardous effect such as hearing damage for being too loud whereas too low would make it harder to listen to with additional background noise. Also within devices such as iPods and mp3 players sound is heavily used. This is an example of technology converging into head/earphones which allows the individual to listen on only the content of the audio. without sound your senses start to switch off which could drive you crazy.

2. Describe 3 instances where these techniques are used/occured

for searchability an instance would be the search bar in search engine websites like google and bing and social networks like facebook, twitter and instagram. Where you can find and search anything going from a location to a persons name. This allows all users to search a content that would be linked to the description input from the user. for example search my name ‘sil ahmed’ on facebook and google i would come up with my profile which are hyperlinked. this is because technology convergence is a giving access to the search bar for specified content.

with findability theres is an instance of the ‘find’ tool in all computers/desktops to locate a certain document within the whole system. with this there are shortcuts such as using the CTRL+F together on the keyboard and bringing out a search box for the specific content of the subscription the user typed to find and locate where files were. But this is the short way, with the mouse and a few clicks within folders on the computer also gives a greater scope of where everything is but takes much longer however both the shortcut and manually finding have the same results.

In linkability the instance can be within softwares that allows both images and videos come together Softwares such as photoshop and final cut pro can be used together serving as a compatibility for each other showing that they can link creating a masterpiece by merging both images and sound within a sequence.


Manovich, L. (2013). Media-independence vs. media-specific techniques. Software Takes Command, Continuum. pp.113-124 [Also available online at: