Channel Brief Project Ideas

Within our group we were starting to come up with ideas of how we could brainstorm our ideas into this topic of ‘Health’ into products. Starting off with the concept of many healthy and medical ideas such as medicine such as pills, vitamins/minerals and body enhancements like supplements. From here we all agreed with the pill ideas so started to process this information developing the concept of how this pill would work and how it could benefit the consumer. So we came up with 3 ideas of the pill which were:

  • Health benefits
  • Cure for illnesses/viruses/diseases
  • Body performance enhancer

Within these 3 concepts we choose performing enhancements for our settled approach to our product and service. Developing it to go into a brand name that could have meaning in relation to delivered product. Half way through our meetings we discussed that there was an issue with changing the pill to a liquid substance and psychologically people would thing this pill would be a high class drug where if we turned it into a drinking consumption the idea of enhancements doesn’t become wary therefore we continued with the same idea but changed the pill to an energy shot/drink as this fitted more to the criteria of our services. From these results we decided on the products type discussing the aim of the website and who our target audience would be.

This is when we began to throw and collect ideas around the group coming up to the idea that this product would temporarily enhance the consumer’s powers or attributes. This invention was going to be for the government based high professions of forces such as military, policeman’s, doctors, fire-fighters ect. From this target audience we wanted to help the users build both the strength through there physical and mental forms, focusing on both the positives and negative of how the products should be taken rather than a promotional approach. However we changed this into the advertising and promoting product to all the consumers from the ages of 20-30 as we could get more production value.

From knowing our target audience and the product and service we wanted to give, we had to come to the final stage of the deciding a brand name for our group. We made sure it had to relate to both the product as well as something the consumers could remember that had meaning. Our brand was then named “Vitalise” as this came to a definition of ‘strength and energy’ – which fitted perfectly with our concepts.