Channel Brief Logos

Today was the task of inventing and creating our logos with the entire group contributing their ideas and skills through photoshop and illustrator. We had to come up with a logo that represented both our product and us as a group and by using our thought process of how logos are created and what the represent we wanted to come up with something that all consumers could recognise which was drink based. So we came to the conclusion of creating silhouettes and drink shaped outlines to keep the logo simple but more effective. Not only did we as a group want to think of the drink but what could the media text of the logo represent also and from the brief it suggested it had to go on cross media platform, such as mobiles, websites, physical objects and videos/images (watermark).

As I said from using all of the group’s contribution we came up with all these different types of logos some were better than others but the content of the idea was the main and key goal. And so far we came up with these!

pour – by Curtis Bacon

wineshot – By myself

this was my first attempt with illustrator therefore this lacked a lot of colour but with further practice i could of turned these into its full potential.

From these we wanted the idea of the drink pouring out so one of our team members ‘Aaron Baker’ came up with this mock up and business card prototype to see if the logo worked well with other media platforms.



Here we decided to leave Aaron with the simplicity of designing as the colours and silhouette was exactly what we wanted. this is when we decided to have our logo as this:

the logo


with this final logo i was happily and satisfied to continue to see if this could work on other media platforms such as clothing, videos/images and website as well as the product itself. the reasons for this being the best logo was because it followed all the concepts we wanted it to include such as the drink, being bold and very affective allowing consumers knowing clearly what they are looking at and who we are. Its clean, simple and very modern.

here are also the the prototypes of using this logo on a website prototype, a video report as if it was live/recorded and on clothing/physical objects.

prototype – prototype website

reporter – prototype on top right hand corner

shirts – further development into clothing.