Channel Brief Pre-Production

Just before the pre-production could be initiated we needed to first realise what kind of products with wanted to enhance on the consumer and we came up with the idea of giving the consumer a choice of 4 drinks that enables them to choose which ability to enhance going from the variety of having ‘Speed, Power/Strength, Agility/Stamina and Sight’ by promoting them with 90 seconds videos that are on the website creating a equal 6 minutes in total making sure we stayed within the guidelines of the brief.

within these 4 ideas we wanted to give each one a name that had meaning just like our brand name and logo. This is when we developed into having the drinks being name with the following ability:

  • Velocity (blue) – Enhance the consumers Speed
  • Power (Yellow/Orange) – Enhance the consumers Power/Strength
  • Endurance (Purple) – Enhance the consumers Agility
  • Perception (Red) – Enhances the consumers Sight

From these concepts and ideas we were looking at a realistic approach on how we were going to create and pull of this future ‘Des-Fi’ theme. The way this would work is by having our product use the theme and idea of using the humans natural ‘sense’ such as touch, hear, smell, taste and sight. but by pulling this off we had to consider the facts of trying to promote the products at the same time therefore we started to brainstorm again what kind of videos could we do that would engage our audience. so we started to look into what makes advertising really well performed and came to the conclusion of advertising the product with adding a humour tactic therefore it becomes rememberable for our target audience.

after finding out that we could put humour into our advertising we had to come up with scenarios that were actually doable in and around the bournemouth area as it would be too much hassle of time and money for students such as us to go out of this area, also we had to consider the locations of where we could do this as there were certain areas that needed permission for the filming stage to commence otherwise laws and fines would come into questioning.

the ideas that we came up with for our 4 drinks in a brief story is:

  • Velocity – a male and female gaze approach with the woman being to far to catch up to however enhances the speed of the male to catch up to the missed opportunity he had to go talk to her.
  • Endurance – having the skills and stamina of a parkour expert (free runner) jumping over obstacles keeping fit and energetic the whole day.
  • Power – have the ability to enhance your strength so we pictures the scene of weight lifting and power lifting as well as just general heavy physical objects that need to be done like chores and cleaning such as builders and heavy labourers.
  • Perception – with this scenario we wanted an average person doing there day to day task but picturing the scene of having to wake up and not seeing as clearly as he/she should be therefore this could work for heavy night workers and early working people that need clear sight to carry on with the day as well as function to the point where people are need to look at where there going and what there touching.

using these as our initial ideas for each video we came to the realisation of starting the pre-production paper work asap!

This included us to create:

  1. Storyboards
  2. Shot Logs
  3. Call Sheets
  4. Risk Assessment Forms
  5. Model Clearance Forms
  6. Location Clearance with calling up the owners to see if we have permission to shoot.