Online CV’s Display

What are cv’s these day, back when I was applying for both work experience and part time jobs in both my high school and college days I had to write a cv with my existed qualification that I earned from GCSE – A levels – Btec, but now that we come to an era where everything is mostly online. I don’t know about you but every time I now get apply for a job in person I always get the response of “sorry sir were going to have to ask you to apply online” or something in regards to that. This really frustrates me as it doesn’t show how your personality and people skills are and for me I think with any job you have to show how much you want the job by both appearance, communication and manners. By having at least these 3 you can give your cv in and get either an interview as they have already seen how you directly engaged with them but on paper you show what skills and qualification you have. Now that it’s come to this modern age I came across this video that creates online CV’s with a interactive approach to it. Going from templates and colour design all the way to simple pattern design for an online cv. I believe there’s a limit to this type of CV. The benefit of this I believe is for people who either freelance and/or self-employed, so that other business can see what their work is like seeing what kind of designs they simply come up with however on the other hand you can only judge what the person is like by what they have written online and when it comes down to meeting in person they can’t meet up to the standards of what been published online. Online cv’s like these are only good for jobs that work with mostly design and software weather its from analogue of sketching and drawing to computer generated software’s. This is because the cv has the approach of illustration, design and details. And for companies such as media/art subjects and online product/services they would love to see this as it save both paper and money as they look just for the skills of the person.

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