My Own Timelapse

From my previous post I explained what a time-lapse was, and here i tried to create my own to see if i had the skills to be able to demonstrate the process in how they work and the result was good. Not only did I know what a time-lapse was i also was able to interpret how they work and produced one myself. Below is a video of my own example just to see if the results were the same but to make it different I wanted to allow it to go from left to right as its still playing all the images into a time-lapse showing more motion and technique of my development skills.

With this time-lapse i was able to produce it within the software of Adobe After Effects which allowed me to figure out also how After Effects works getting little tutorials on which each tool does. From this point on I managed to import all of my images into the timeline of the sequence making them exported as one file which turned into an mp4.

I was also able to grab screen shots of what i did to show the process of making this time-lapse.

This is a screenshot of having all the images put into the timeline.


This screenshot is when I manage to create the movement of going from left to right using keyframes within the timeline sequence.



The main issue with this video is that it was too wobbly, so in future I will get a tripod or something to position the camera to make still frame panning from left to right without having the video shaking creating a much move smoother process of the time-lapse.