Photo-Alphabet Task

Within the course we were suggested to have a project that included photography concepts of the ‘alphabet’ picking up and taking photos of manmade objects and shapes in the public with a natural environment located in Bournemouth. The minimum requirement for this project was to create a strip of images that allows ‘natural-occurring’ concept of showing my first and last name in which case will be “S.U.L.I.M.A.N. A.H.M.E.D”.

an example of this is like this by using a website that can generate one with existing images from the website of

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 15.16.15 n.d. Alphabet Photography UK – Personalised Word Art. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 25 Feb 2014].

When i came to this task myself, i went out to go take photos within Bournemouth going from the beach/town centre/Bournemouth University and the Tourist Attraction, using my phone which is a Samsung S3. Through this task i manage to learn that you can use your eyes more than you can ever imagine and that you can look out for certain creativity within each environment we are in. However by doing this i haven’t been able to stop looking at alphabets since i started and finished this mini project as i progressed through the day to concentrate on certain objects in a shape of a letter.

Below I was able to contribute my skills into creating my first attempt in alphabet photography, which was just to create my first and last name.

Suliman Ahmed Strip

Here I have managed to create a collage and sequence of the whole alphabet through the use of Photoshop, it was quite tricky to get every single one but in the end i was successful with this achievement. From this outcome i feel it is quite effective to see how the use of objects can take shapes in the alphabet making all the creative process that more interesting.


I would not like to continue this project as photography has never really been my thing but I am glad that I had the opportunity to do this as it gave me more creative skills as well as more ability to use the human eye in more than one way.