Panoramic Images/Photography

What is panoramic photography ? well its a technique that allows the user/photographer to display a line of images that are stitched together to create a much more bigger canvas of the scenario that they are trying to portray using more depth of field within the image however the image becomes more landscape stretching more length ways then portrait to show what is happening within the scene.

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An Example of this is here and if you click on the image it will expand showing how wide the actual canvas is.


what is the concept of the panoramic photography? the idea behind the panoramic cameras is that is provides wider pictures with more detail than a normal single frame shot, and this feature has been around for more than 150 years. A standard panoramic camera are adapted for 35mm films and for larger format film cameras to expose a single image with 2 to 4 or more times the width of the image.

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As times has progressed within technology especially within the world of new media where loads of cross platformed technologies now inherit the abilities of apps, you can now create such simple and outstanding results in a matter of seconds compared to the times of the pre-digital where everything was taken individually and put together using more effort and will power to create pieces of work such as the panoramic feature on smartphones for example, instead of hiring out a camera and stitching the photos together, you can use your built in panoramic camera and just move your camera from the left of your current position to the right following the guidelines to show a straight but precise photo making it look at if it was just 1 frame.

a video example of this :

This feature is on all Smartphones which isnt just generalising that apple are the only one who created this, as there is another version where Samsung have done the same but the guidelines are different.

(skip to 1.04 seconds to see example)

Another form of creating panoramic images is by using a software called ‘Hugin’ which is a open-source editor purposely for photography but can be used however is best suited to the user, and it allows you to stitch photos together using similar points of each photo, which then join and by positioning the image at the right angle we can get the correct landscape of the panorama. The good thing about Hugin is that not only does it allow horizontal image stitching but also both spherical and vertical, making the software create a 360′ degree rotation view if you have enough images to combine, the reason why this is a good feature is that the whole view gives more control and better immersive experience to the user allowing more understanding of where everything is without having to move yourself other then the mouse itself.

an example of this is here using google maps:

360′ Degree Panoramic View 2013. Hugin – Panorama photo stitcher. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 28 Feb 2014].

By gaining this knowledge I was able to create my own panorama which was the clear beach in bournemouth just to show how it works by trying to show both the footpath/sand/sea and beach huts to signify the user where exactly I was.

with this particular image i used the inbuilt panoramic feature of the Galaxy S3 using the guidelines from the video you saw above of the S3 Review displaying a picture of the beach.


Using the Galaxy S3 panorama feature it provides a much more smoother transaction of one image connecting to the next without any lines that create the divide displaying where you can see the image cuts off.

Here i have done a similar view of the beach but used 22 images stitched together using ‘Hugin’ software.

The Original 22 images below

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