My Own Kinetic Typography

For my own idea of kinetic typography I wanted to use a scene within a movie that showed both emotion and movement within the use of text. Giving the text its own sense of visual perspective that can show the importance of the whole kinetic typography. From here I also wanted something that wasn’t dull and wanted the audience to be entertained and enjoy what they were looking and following while listening to the sound of the words coming from the characters in the movie.

The movie and scene I had taken was:

Bad Boys 2 – Reggie and Marcus dating scene

The reason for this particular scene is that it showed a lot of high and low tones of voice giving me ideas on how I could manipulate the text as an object giving it different positions and scale sizes to compliment the the movement of visual text through the use of sound coming from these 3 characters.

Here I managed to draft out how I would like to have my kinetic typography showing my thought process and creative side. I wanted to experiment with the rotation and scaling either through the programme of Adobe After Effects or try a new open free software called blender.

(The Words Written Out)


(Kinetic Typography Sketches and Notes)

k typog 1 k typog 2