Kinetic Typography Test

Looking at my previous post i was able to plan out how i would like my kinetic typography to go but the problem when making them on after effects proved to be too difficult. This is when I then took the opportunity to use photoshop and transformed my psd file into a vector format allowing no pixilations to pop up whenever I zoom in or out the text especially if there is a lot of different scales.

Here is an example of how the typography looks when put into one strip:

Kinetic Typography

In this film strip i was able to produce my kinetic typography through the use of photoshop and illustrator, gaining skills in both more precise lining and positioning. I wanted to use the feature of a film strip to bring back the history of moving pictures but this time instead of the typography moving I used the trick of only modifying the camera movements, key framing its position to go in time with the audio within the kinetic brief. I was able to learn a lot as well as show how the kinetic typography works.

My Final Results are below:

If I was to improve i would make sure that i learn the key short cuts for adobe after effects as it would save a lot more time as well as all the thinking…….I was definitely happy to draw a mock up on pencil to navigate where all me words would go in which order showing the creativity of both the visual and rotation of the camera, giving a sense motion that helps entertain and catch its viewer to finish till the end of the video.