Blender is an free open source 3d modelling software that allows creative people to create both text and objects within blocks and morphing them into the shapes they want, having the abilities of editing from a block of cube to rigging, rendering, composition and key framing for motion movement e.g. animation (Blender, 2014)  Blender provides so many different tools and option thats its quite unlimited to what you want to show and do however for beginners like myself it become so confusing at first, therefore knowing the basics is always a good start to anything before you get into something thats too complex. Without Blender there are other 3d modelling softwares but the disadvantage is that they come with a price, these softwares are called Maya and Cinema 4D, but the benefit of being a student allows you to gain full access of downloading the softwares itself. Another benefit of using blender is that its also cross platform which runs well within linux, macintosh and windows giving a more diverse range of switching from system to system.


The example works that exist from blender are remarkable animations that show a lot of potential that can be accomplished with the right motivation as well as patience and effort. By combining these 3 main determinations, work like these can be produced:

Sintel –

Tears of Steel –

Big Buck Bunny –

Examples like these are very highly motivating for me as I myself love the thought of animation and creating story lines through the use of imagination using narratives and characteristic figures to portray a synopsis of what is happening through the events in current time however for pieces of work like these there would be a lot of time consumption as each movement have to be key framed as well as timed perfectly to know where/when the audio comes in as well as background/environmental sound making sure the visual and listening experience is at its most best. 2014. About – – Home of the Blender project – Free and Open 3D Creation Software. [online] Available at: [Accessed: 12 Mar 2014].