My Animation attempt!

By looking at the history of the animation, i was able to understand that there is a lot more behind the scenes which create only a short animation of 15 seconds, this is because there needs to be a consistency of both visual and smooth transition from the next frame from the previous one.

As this was the first time i used flash i was able to create a sequence of have a bouncing ball gradually moulding into other shapes which went into a square and then a polygon by using the edges of the ‘stage’ (which is the art board for flash) as a shape-shifting controller. This the abstract of my idea had come out as there is no characteristics or figurative approaches within my animation. I also created a music file to compliment the movement of the bouncing ball transforming into the square and polygon with the sound of a fast up beat drum giving more rhythm and meaning to the flash animation. I used vibrant colours within my flash animation as they connote a meaning of happiness and joyfulness. This is what I was feeling at the time of the animation however looking back at it now makes me want to improve it by using more technical skills of shaping and colouring.

my example is below: