Well if isn’t yet another year and another lesson to learn, I guess its my time to progress through my University experience once again which will enhance my ability within the Digital Design practice. This will fold my skills towards the intermediate – advance level of understanding when it comes to the reading and practical side of both theory perspective and software manipulation throughout the year.

Within my second year I intend to focus more within the essay writing as this is what has lacked me down from my previous year, however i believe im able to accomplish this by making sure i put alot more extra time within my own studies as well as class studies by engaging in more books to read making sure there is a minimum border line of making sure all the key readings are done as well as finding books that interest me to experiment with both my work and essay writing. Also I would like to achieve a further understanding of code as this was a big issue within my first year, for instance my work and designs would be exactly how I wanted it to become however the coding and technical approached were proven to be difficult.

Looking back what has 1st year taught me ?

Within the my first year of university I was able to find out a lot about the digital environment itself as it was all new to me compared to people who had a background within either the arty side or computer-technical side. However as I came from a media background with the only skills of using Photoshop and Premiere Pro which only consisted of video editing and visual graphics it allowed me to focus on the bigger picture of getting concepts jotted down to keep me motivated in setting goals to reach within certain time periods. Also going through this course I was able to deconstruct the environment within the Media and find out there was much more to it other than analysis, where in my mind i learned through college and school it was to do with media text such as print based(newspapers, magazines, articles) and visual through Television, internet and technology where we take and interpret within our own life experience. Here I was able to approach and engage my previous experience within the media to my new course of DMD.

First year was a tough one for me as Coding was a whole new set of skills that I had to learn which i still struggle to this day as its like learning the alphabet again except with syntax’s and numbers unlike a foreign language. However by going through this struggle i was able to achieve a satisfying feeling by looking back how hard I tried and received the results i did and with someone of my capability i was impressed with how much i understood however on the other hand what I would do to improve is to learn more of the basics until it started to become a second nature in both typing and thinking, instead of jumping straight to the ‘nitty-gritty’ designs that could not become possible at my current level. By keeping the original concept in mind just by adjusting a few bits until i achieve a better and quicker understanding of coding.