Design Iteration: Independence Poster

Within our brief of design iteration we were set a project to test our understanding of using this methodology, our task was to create and design a fictional poster that campaigns a support in making the county of Dorset independent. From looking at this task I already knew that this would be a challenge as looking from the perspective of its size/mass within the amount of land it takes through England as well the population that live in it makes it difficult to find the specialty of defining what makes Dorset.

Through this task, I will be exploring the design process through iterations to help my understanding of the method clearer while also being reflective. To begin with this task I want to show an example of the work that was given to us while it was deconstructed from the class starting off with the Scottish Independence poster below:

Looking at this poster we could see the stereotypes which associated with the Scottish tradition such as the orange hair, bagpipes and the dress code of the kilt. These are symbols that connote and denote that this is related to the Scottish as the bagpipe is their national instrument as well as the kilt. Within the writing it is bold short and straight to the point giving high contrasted colours to allow eye catching awareness. This method is very simplistic as well as very effective as it stands strong by the title alone, along with the words of ‘BE BRAVE AND SAY YES’. The ‘BRAVE’ message is also from a reference from the film Braveheart with Mel Gibson as the lead actor and director, which supports the poster through its history of the revolution against the English.