Processing Introduction

Processing is a programming language that allows a developer to create abstract art within environments to fit cross platform devices which is also open-source. The programme illustrates visual arts within technology that serves as a software sketchbook to users as well as teaches computer programming fundamentals through visual context. The coding language it uses is based on Java, however is simplified to make more attractive and appealing pieces of art work that intend to engage mass market audiences. In processing it allows not only developers to create and construct concepts but also brings in students, artist, designers, researchers to create and manipulate abstract and interactive projects.

During my second year in Bournemouth I will be learning the basics and intermediate levels of Java to help project my concepts into reality. Processing is perfect for digital art as it uses simple Java text to create dynamic work. For a student such as myself, processing brings in basic knowledge of programming that helps as a tool to help make creative projects. Also Processing helps construct data through a method of data visualisation, this interprets into visual effects to the user.

In learning processing I will try and build simple and creative experimental art pieces to help evolve my skills in both technical skills and as a beginners level of a designer., (2001). [online] Available at: [Accessed 12 Oct. 2014].