Processing Workshop #2

In this next workshop we were introduced to Functions and Arrays and what i learned was to create a basic shape of a house using rectangles and triangles to create the outline of a house joined together. The new technique we learned was to create the house by the click of mouse by using the function of


therefore I experimented this on the canvas with writing my name and drawing a smiley face 😀 seen below:

5th Processing

We then moved on to creating the houses into a straight row making a horizontal alignment.

6th Processing

we then proceeded by turning the horizontal into a rotational effect by centering the house to rotate from the center as each image always opens from the corner therefore we were to specify where we wanted the shapes to emerge, this is when I made the point of

translate(width/2, height/2)

to allow the image to start from exactly the middle as i have told the software that i want it to start from half the height and width of the canvas.