Design Iteration Brief: Individual Interactive Project

The task in hand is to create an interactive project that shows data visualization using the software Processing which will be displayed in the Universities Foyer (Weymouth House) within the media school on public screens. The goal of this assignments is to demonstrate:

How people react to our interactive project varying from there perspective of what they think may happen to what actually happens.

What methods are used to help digital designers figure out how a space in the environment can grab attention to the audience.

How do the audience interpret the project?

As Taken from the brief this will be the way in which will show the iterations process of the blogging on my project:

The work will be developed iteratively through a process of testing and analysis, through at four-stage design cycle:

1) requirements gathering 
2) analysis
3) design
4) user testing
Looking at this process I hope to come out with the learning outcomes of the brief:

• 01 An ability to adopt an iterative, evidence-based approach to digital
media design and production;

• 02 Originality, creativity and professionalism in the concept,on, pitching,
design, management and realisation of digital media artefacts;

• 03 The ability to work effectively as an individual as well as part of a
production team;
• 04 The ability to analyse and reflect on iterative production processes by
drawing on relevant intellectual and professional debates.