Design Iteration: Requirements Gathering

As mentioned from the brief ‘Requirements Gathering’ is one of the first steps to the iterative design process. From my previous project of ‘Dorset Independence Poster’ we had to use the iterative design process to help us think for our current interactive brief allowing more insight before starting the project and finding bigger problems throughout the process before the idea can come to reality.

The requirement gathering is a collection of statements which define what needs to be provided by a solution to meet the expectations of the sponsor, stakeholders and users.

The reasons for requirements gathering is to help solve solutions to get closer to the brief of a project, any information that is incorrectly, inaccurately or incompletely specified there is little chance the solution will be what is needed. The requirements are the basis on which potential solutions are assessed. Requirements identify what is needed not the solution itself, it provides the definition of what the solution needs to address. (Team 2015)


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