Processing Initial Idea 1 – Pin Art

This is my first idea for my interactive project, I came across this idea from being inspired from my childhood days of playing with toys which was pin art, having the toy replicate you’re movement of you’re current statue of the human body being placed into a device showing a replica of how an individual has left a mark or a signature of their body into a 3D toy creating a embossed and effective piece of art.

Pin art –

“consists of a boxed surface made of a crowded array of pins that are free to slide in and out independently in a screen to create a three-dimensional relief.”


Pin art started in 1976 from an artist called ‘Ward Fleming’ and he was fascinated with the work of 3D display coming up with the idea of using pins with the material of metal which switched from his prototype of using needles to pins.

Below are some examples of pin art being used in the public space without digital interaction but tactile interaction:

large pinupofficial

I would really like to try and use this idea for my interactive piece as I have researched many videos that consist of using pin art however it was titled PinScreen for the digital area. The reason why I chose to use pin art was that it not only reminded me of my childhood days, playing with toys that kept me entertained, but also would remind the public of having this ideology of bringing back memories that we all played with in our generation which would be remixed into a future interactive piece.

With pin art I knew I could bring in the theory of using ‘Identity’ for my project as the piece of artwork visually pleases both the user and the audience due to its simplicity.

Below are some videos of inspiration that I would imagine would work well for my project:

From looking at these previous examples I wanted to try and physically imitate these into the software processing however, the code for this was far beyond my capability therefore lead me to reach another way of making an interactive design.


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