Processing Initial Idea 2 – Its Behind You ! ‘Weeping Angels’

From my previous idea of the pin art concept I wanted to look at a different approach of an interactive design that had a concept of not knowing whats behind you but yet you could still feel somethings presence within the users private space. I came across this idea when researching phobias that related to peoples unawareness of their surrounding as everyday people are always consumed by technology such as constantly walking around a public space with there smartphones not taking in whose behind or in-front of them therefore I came up with an simple idea of trying to make a interactive piece where the user does not pay full attention to the screen creating an action that make you want to look twice from a glance back at the screen when walking past.

This inspiration came from the idea of the Weeping angels within Doctor Who when I was watching an episode called ‘Blink’. The weeping angels resemble a silent human-sized stone statue in the form of winged angles in draped clothing. However there facial expression changes into a more horrific, bestial and demonic pose with mouths wide open that show vampire teeth and clawed hands as they become closer to there victim, however this only works when they are not being observed by another being, the weeping angels can move rapidly and silently in a phenomenal speed that allows them to close there distance to the victim within an blink of an eye but when they are observed they become statues again that position them in a space closer to the victim.

An example of this description is below:

From this concept of the weeping angels as I mentioned before I wanted some reaction from the user to become aware of their surrounding with having an a simple image of a hand reaching for the person within the screen when the user has either their heads turned from behind or from the side as they walk past the camera. This way I would bring in the the attention of the user by using there peripheral vision to activate the image to reach for them however it would play on their mind if something actually came up, therefore the concept of having some ‘presence’ would be emerged within the interactive piece.

After thinking of this concept I wanted to sketch up a prototype of how I think it would work explaining how the user is walking past the camera with hands demonstrating a reaching motion towards the middle of the canvas in which the user will be at hypothetically.





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