Processing Initial Idea 3 – Matryoshka Doll – Nesting Dolls Inception Concept

What is a Russian Nesting Doll? (refered to as Matryoshka Dolls or Babushka Dolls)

“refers to a set of wooden dolls of decreasing size placed one inside the other” example below:

Star Wars Nesting Dolls computer-memory-russian-dolls

The first nesting doll was created by a craftsmen of folk called ‘Vasily Zvyozdochkin’ who was also a Russian carver.

But how do the nesting dolls work ? the design consists of a wooden figure being separated from the top and bottom, revealing a smaller figure of the same shape inside but just reduced each time. The traditional amount of nesting dolls within one another usually is less than 5 however can be exceeded to to more depending on how big the first nesting doll is and the skills of the fine craftsmanship from the creator.

Below is an image of how thin each crafting of the dolls need to be to fit in within one another:


I came up with another idea of using the Russian Nesting Doll as a concept for my interactive piece as the whole idea of having one doll within another gave me the inspiration of having a camera take one photo and reduce it next to its previous image continuously on a straight narrow flat screen by using the vanishing point technique which I was was taught in Graphics in high school. I drew up  some basic illustrations on paper so that you could see what I am trying to achieve with this prototype just so that I could show both myself and the audience what idea i was trying to come across.


This idea was produced from researching Russian Nesting Dolls as I found this ornament in my house that lead me to believe I could use this with my work, therefore I used what was in my environment and took inspiration from what already existed and adapted it to my interactive piece idea.

The Idea works from having the camera take a picture of the user while it mimics the same image behind them as you can see from the drawing above. The scale of the image depends on the distance of the person from the camera and adjusts the size simultaneously to the user distance of the camera.

From my notes within the sketch you can see how I have tried to work this out before putting it to test within processing but as I still didnt have the understanding of programming I wanted to find a much more simpler idea that would be not too difficult to code but still effective as both an interactive piece as well as a project to be proud of.

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