Feedback From 3 Original Ideas

The 3 ideas that I imagined to have work for my interactive piece made me come to a hard decision of which was best suited for the actual design idea, therefore I went into the media school and asked my classmates as well as people from outside the course in which idea they liked the best. Most people came to me liking the concept of the pin art and how they would like to see this one work within an interactive screen but i had to explain to them that I was not experienced enough in the level of coding to pull this off.

Some people enjoyed the idea of the Russian nesting dolls but they found the idea of the interactive design quite boring as it wasnt really anything but taking a photo and just re-sizing it from the original to a mini version of it next to it. This is when i realised that this idea was quite weak and didnt have much potential in the development of it.

When it came to explaining the idea behind the ‘presence’ of reaching hand some people found it very interesting as they could relate alot of the feelings of thinking something is there when they couldn’t see it or feel it but still felt the hunch of something in the air. This is when it hit my curiosity that I could manage to pull of this idea allowing something so simple to become so effective within both an interactive piece as well as learning the code to do it also.