Analysis and Design: Initial Idea (Its Behind You!)

After critiquing the three ideas with my own critical review and discussions with peers. I have concluded that the reaching hand idea is the one I will proceed with using the theory of the Panopticon with the additional film genre of horror using elements of tension of a nearby presence. I will be using these in the production of my piece of interactive art showing an abstract representation of an idea relevant to contemporary society showing how easy it is to access the information of any individual through the use of social media without the intended user knowing there being watched from another viewer through the internet. In this modern age everyone’s online identity are accessible to anyone who knows their way around a computer due to the amount of information people post about themselves through pictures and personal data (e.g. Names, Birthdays, Gender and Relationship Status).

below is an example of how much information is already accessible without private settings:

free-facebook-timeline-psd  free-facebook-timeline-psd-2

The concepts I will like to use will explore the privacy of online identity and how the security of the online world is so easily hack-able to obtain the data of a user that would like to find out about another person, therefore I will be trying to demonstrate this through my visual interactive piece using a hand to represent the online user and the online space (person in front of the camera), the online user invades the online space of privacy. This extends the idea of you don’t always know who is around you online, as you cannot physically feel/see them as well as know how close they really are to you, without you knowing due to the accessibility of the internet.