Processing Using Face Detection

After coming to the basic understanding of how the camera works within processing, I came across a library that manage to detect the face through tracking its movements that are primarily triggered through the front of the face. I wanted to implement this in my design as I knew it would help me get closer to seeing my project come to life.

On this thought I believe that using face detection as a prototype to see if the image appears when I am present within the camera will help me come to a decision if I am making progress with my interactive project by using baby steps tackling each problem of what works and what doesn’t.

From the image below you can see that a rectangle has shown up within the perimeter of the face showing how the detection works, I found this through the examples in the open CV library of ‘face detect’:


I will be trying to implement this face detection in my next post to see if it works with images uploading instead of using a rectangle.


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