Camera Side Tracking in Processing Test

 By using the PROFILEFACE CASCADE I had tested to see if the tracking worked for basic movement of the head turning from the front looking directly at the camera making sure the detection wasn’t visible but when turned to the side by both my left and right profile i was able to implement a red rectangle to show a prototype of how the camera tracking will work for my concept.

Camera test

camera side view

camera side view 2

It was quite difficult to get the positioning right to attract the rectangle to surround my face due to the fact of my low level understanding of processing as it was all code based, but after many attempts I was able to understand what exact angle I had to be in to make sure the detection was working properly. This is when I started to test more of the code to see how the concept could fit in with this detection by experimenting to use the fill function within the sketch as you can see below:

Rectangle Test

Front Rectangle Test

Left Rectangle Test

After playing with the code again I managed to make the detection cover my face as an another prototype to see if the image of my reaching hand would either cover the face of the user giving me more confidence in thinking my idea is making progression slowly. This made me proceed with inserting an image of a hand just to see if the concept worked in which I experimented again making me come closer to my goal of making this into reality.

Side hand `

front hand

Side hand  2

With this experiment in hand I was able to make the hand appear behind me, giving the sense of something behind me at all times but when I look at it directly the image disappears showing that the interactivity plays with the users head thinking something is there creating an anxiety of being watched but not knowing where its coming from, I wanted to link this in with my chosen theory of the Panopticon as I am trying to create a representation of how close people really are to you in the virtual world without you knowing just like someone viewing a profile within facebook, instagram and twitter looking at all your feed but yet never alerts you who is watching you.