The Hand and Eye Photoshop

Once I was happy with my prototype I wanted to create the actual hand with an eye blending in the center of the palm to show the representation of the viewer as the hand itself and the eye which speaks for itself looking at the person in front of the camera giving off this insight of how easy it is for people to view your profile within the internet accessing all your personal information, therefore the idea of the hand invading in the private virtual space of the user happens without there conscience being aware at the current time. I chose to do this idea because most people are completely oblivious of how powerful the internet really is, which allows people to stalk you if your not safe with hiding your information on private settings unless your just an attention seeker. The concept of the hand and eye came from my inspiration of browsing people who were friends of friends within my own profile page on Facebook, when random people I never knew tried to add me as a friend lead me to explore their profile just to see if I had already met the person in the past, but resulted I didn’t this ignited my idea of how easy I found it that I could navigate on a individuals profile with a ton of information about them self without them knowing I was already viewing their page simultaneously making them completely oblivious there being slightly stalked and watched.


I created this image within Photoshop by blending in the the eye within the middle of the palm giving both the eye and the palm there own digital texture by using a clipping mask with a free downloadable circuit board texture to overlay both the eye and the hand at the same time. I used the digital texture to represent the online data with the hand becoming the stalker and the eye to elaborate this creepy emotion of feeling cringed on who sees your profile without you knowing giving you this awareness and warning sign that this is happening to you everyday while you post any new images and status within your chosen social media medium.

I used these three images to imitate my design of the reaching hand:

Hand2 abstract_artistic_electronics_circuit_board_1920x1080 photo-manipulation-eye-wallpaper

The method in which I did this was:

  1.  first cut out the outline of the eye and placing an overlay effect within the palm
  2. detail refining of the eyes edges so that it fits smoothly onto the palm
  3. lowered the opacity by 5% on the hand and 10% on the eye
  4. placed the circuit board in between both images using a clipping mask and changing the opacity to 55%
  5. once all the images we merge I added an filter to the image
  6. on the effects panel I chose the distort function scrolling to the diffuse glow effect
  7. cut off the white background to make sure the image was transparent using a .png file for my processing.

After I created the image I replaced it with prototype image however I kept having the image come up with the background of the white in which really annoyed me as I already saved the file as a png with a transparent background.


But then I realised that the whole time I was trying to re amend the image repeating the process of saving it as both a TIFF and PNG with the background still coming up as white, I still had the code written for the rectangle to appear which you can see in my code:

– rect(x, faces[i].y, faces[i].width, faces[i].height);

therefore once I commented it out the picture was working perfectly !!!


This brought me to go to the foyer within the media school to test if the idea works within the public space as in the brief states a public space with an interactive piece.