Testing In the Public Space Technical Problems

Before I was able to test my project within the public space of the foyer, I needed to first understand the surrounding of it giving me a basic understanding of where my project would work best. Therefore I took a video of the foyer to see how the layout is built in front the screens as it the space in which the individuals will be navigating from.

This video below shows the user testing of my work showing if the interactivity of the hand showing up once the face is tracked, in which case does work ! however due to the camera trying to record another digital screen it makes it harder to see whats on the screen as its too bright on the other hand you can just about see an outline of the reaching hand uploading each time.

When it came to setting up my interactive piece I managed to come with a problem of trying to get the size of the laptop to mirror onto the screen which made the screen in the foyer have a background of grey showing only a video feed sized 620 x 480 used on a macbook as my laptop was not able to focus the image properly when connecting the HDMI to the tv.

This is when I realised I had to change the sizing of the capture due to it being shown on the TV, in order to do this i have to change

void setup() {
size(640, 480);

video = new Capture(this, 640/2, 480/2);
opencv = new OpenCV(this, 640/2, 480/2);


void setup() {
size(displayWidth, displayHeight);

video = new Capture(this, displayWidth/2, displayHeight/2, “Trust Webcam”);
opencv = new OpenCV(this, displayWidth/2, displayHeight/2);

by changing this code it will allow the screen to fully extend, it took me quite alot of time to figure this out as I was frustrating with why it wasn’t working but thanks to my classmates they already told me how to change the settings through change the code of the size as they saw me struggling.

below is a clearer view of how the code changed from my original to the updated. left being original and right updated.


Also I added another additional camera within my project due to the fact of trying to get different angles within my project to show how the tracking is still working using a much larger screen of 1080p. It was quite tricky to access another camera as I was trying to figure out the name but by trying to obtain it I had to use the photobooth software and select camera in order to find out the full name of the feed. this is when it came to the quotations of :

“Trust Webcam” next to the video capture that activates this.

After solving these technical problems I believe I achieved the minimum. When I next test my idea I will start to bring in more people to interact with my piece.