User Testing and Feedback




After testing it in the foyer I had a few bugs of trying to fix the minor problems of the display size as well as trying to get the camera to work from different angles I manage to get more people to test out my interactive piece with the participation of my classmate seeing if it works from there current positions in the class. This worked wonderfully as they are completely unaware of the the hand being behind them however I got permission to put these up after showing them that I used them as guinea pigs.



The feedback I gathered from my interactive piece was that one of the users (middle image) didn’t find it very interactive however he loved the concept behind the representation of the hand exploring how data is so obtainable within the use of the internet especially with using social sites within Facebook, Instagram and Twitter to show people who they are without even having to become friends with each other. This connects with the theory of the Panopticon of having a single force within the virtual space having the power to see any individual all over the world watching over you with the user not knowing of your existence giving this sense of anxiety of xenophobia (the fear of the unknown) that somethings lurking around you.

Another person had said (bottom picture) that the concept was really good as in the 21st century everyone is connected through online devices and through phones people have apps that allows them to view profiles within a few taps of a bottom or touch sensitive screen within a matter of seconds so no matter where they are as long as there’s 3G there good to go, this give people the chance to get to know everything about you before you know anything about them.

The first persons feedback said he thought the idea was clever and liked the idea of having the circuit board of covering the hand with electricity running through representing the data of the digital world, this made me feel like he understood my concept with the eye also watching him. He found the intelligence of the concept interesting but also different giving me more originality to my interactive work. The thing that could be improved is the hand becoming bigger in which I agreed as this had let me down a bit but still managed to allowed the idea of the reaching hand to take effect of someone always watching you in the online world which was my original idea of my interactive project.