Applied Design Brief

It has come to a new semester in university and we have been given a new brief under the unit of Applied Design. We have been set a live brief from a client in which the university has chosen from the outside world testing our ability to see if we can match up to real life deadlines fulfilling the necessary requirements of the client.

Within this brief we are having to create an app that is within the clients interest for the Magna Carta Exhibition in the summer. Our client is Salisbury Cathedral, and they have asked us Bournemouth University RedBalloon Agency to create and develop an app for visitors to engage with the historic moments of the Magna Carta as well as make it both informational and entertaining.

Through this we will be split into groups within the whole class working on different segments of the app, therefore by the end we can compile all our information into one app making a very engaging application with different functions for the result.

My thoughts on this challenge is quite exciting but at the same time very nerve-racking as my skills within the technical departments are always my downfall, however i feel by applying my concepts to the app and the brief i will be able to achieve a good progression of knowing the knowledge of how apps are built in general using the software of swift to help me, but I have also considered that by having this as a live brief i will be more determined to create the best results of my ability. I can say that i am looking forward to this as it will be a great experience as well as a new and challenging project to produce.