Dorset Independance Poster: Evaluation

Once we had the data from the audience testing, we figured that the best place to put our poster was besides the Coffee Counter in the Foyer in Weymouth house, this was because… Continue reading

Adding a clock into processing homework

Before in previous lessons I was taught how to upload images into processing and how i could manipulate each individual one or as a group itself therefore within this new task set by… Continue reading

Processing Workshop #3

Todays lesson was managing to upload images as well as how to scale them. I managed to implement this by doing the setup and draw function while adding the image function within the… Continue reading

Independant Dorset Poster Campaign: Audience Data and Testing

Once the final poster was designed, we had to gather and collect data about our audience to see how people used the mediated space within the Bournemouth University Weymouth house ‘foyer’ which could… Continue reading

Independant Dorset Poster: Creating and Constructing

Mentioned from my last weeks blog, we wanted to print our idea onto acetate to create a 3D approach to our design for the poster. We finished the design and printed each layer… Continue reading

Processing Workshop #2

In this next workshop we were introduced to Functions and Arrays and what i learned was to create a basic shape of a house using rectangles and triangles to create the outline of… Continue reading

Processing Workshop #1

Within this workshop we were able to understand the meaning of conditional statements and nested loops. This session allowed me to understand the basics of using integers and floats work at a beginners… Continue reading

Dorset Independance: Finalising the Design Poster

After last weeks first attempt on the poster we began to construct further into the design, this is when we came up with the concept of using the castle and hill to bring… Continue reading


A prototype is an early model or sample of a product that is built to test a concept or idea before its final form. The word prototype originated from the Greek word ‘prototypon’… Continue reading

Processing Basics

┬áIn today lesson I was able to understand the basic fundamentals of the software Processing, starting with how the documents are opened and how the codes for them are written out to implement… Continue reading