Processing Introduction

Processing is a programming language that allows a developer to create abstract art within environments to fit cross platform devices which is also open-source. The programme illustrates visual arts within technology that serves… Continue reading

Dorset Independance

From knowing that Dorset is a small community my group and I started to think about the target audience which was inevitably going to be a niche market. This was due to the… Continue reading

Design Iteration: Independence Poster

Within our brief of design iteration we were set a project to test our understanding of using this methodology, our task was to create and design a fictional poster that campaigns a support… Continue reading

Design Iterations

Design iteration is a methodology which has an endless cycle around the process of prototyping, testing, analysing and refining a product or design. This methodology is ultimately determined to improve the quality and… Continue reading


Well if isn’t yet another year and another lesson to learn, I guess its my time to progress through my University experience once again which will enhance my ability within the Digital Design… Continue reading

My Website Portfolio

From the wire framing i did for my portfolio early on before christmas I was able to create and put my website into the sections that I wanted using the HTML and CSS… Continue reading

My Animation attempt!

By looking at the history of the animation, i was able to understand that there is a lot more behind the scenes which create only a short animation of 15 seconds, this is… Continue reading

My CV for the website

Within my website portfolio I was able to create a CV giving my personal information and what skills I already had however as I was studying a creative course I wanted to make… Continue reading


Blender is an free open source 3d modelling software that allows creative people to create both text and objects within blocks and morphing them into the shapes they want, having the abilities of… Continue reading

Kinetic Typography Test

Looking at my previous post i was able to plan out how i would like my kinetic typography to go but the problem when making them on after effects proved to be too… Continue reading