My Own Kinetic Typography

For my own idea of kinetic typography I wanted to use a scene within a movie that showed both emotion and movement within the use of text. Giving the text its own sense… Continue reading

Kinetic Typography

“Kinetic typography, sometimes also referred to as motion typography, is known as the art of integrating movement with text. Defying the conventions of horizontal text, it attempts to engage a viewer’s attention by forcing… Continue reading

Panoramic Images/Photography

What is panoramic photography ? well its a technique that allows the user/photographer to display a line of images that are stitched together to create a much more bigger canvas of the scenario… Continue reading

Photo-Alphabet Task

Within the course we were suggested to have a project that included photography concepts of the ‘alphabet’ picking up and taking photos of manmade objects and shapes in the public with a natural… Continue reading

Animated Gif

What is a gif you say ? well imagine a jpeg as a static image but this time use all those images into a sequence that allows you to create a motion picture… Continue reading

Animation History

Within the history of animation, there has been many methods of creating a mass amount of drawn or digital art that have merged together to become a sequence to create a moving picture.… Continue reading

My Own Timelapse

From my previous post I explained what a time-lapse was, and here i tried to create my own to see if i had the skills to be able to demonstrate the process in… Continue reading


Time Lapse is a technique in the photography world that uses a whole bunch of photos to create a slow sequence into a fast one or vice versa without the use of video… Continue reading

Photoshop to Brackets Auto Code

I hope I’m not just seeing this, but adobe are starting to make a software that will turn your Photoshop images and positioning into a code source going from Photoshop to the software… Continue reading

Channel Brief Filming and Editing

After planning the pre-productions and gathering all the location permissions we started to film with the first drink of our product which was “Perception” in order to build better sight no matter what… Continue reading